Published Stuff
Here's a (so far, very short) list of my works that have been published elsewhere:

Free Short Stories
You can read these for free. If you like 'em, buy my other stories on Amazon for Kindle!

Other Short Stories
I have two stories published on Amazon for Kindle:

Chalice and Knives

Sendi Alaan is a thief, one of the best, working the dark underbelly of the great desert city of Talsalam. She's hired to steal a priceless golden chalice, but when she's betrayed on the job, she ends up with another task: Rescue a young girl, who may hold the key to unravelling the heinous deeds of an unscrupulous dealer in rare artifacts.

The Demons of Lashtë

The walled city of Lashtë has been besieged by an endless army of demons for decades. Only a small force of mages holds the line, protecting the citizens of Lashtë from the ravening horde. One of the mages, Anders Vasel, is sent on a mission that may finally bring peace to the city—but perhaps at a terrible cost.

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