11 December, 2015

MINDFIRE BOOK 2: THE SILVER WAR now available on Amazon!

You wouldn't believe how long it can take to edit a book when you only have an hour or two a day to work on it.

On a totally unrelated topic, book 2 of the Mindfire trilogy, THE SILVER WAR, is now available on Amazon for a measly $4.95 (that won't even buy you a decent sandwich around here):

That's right, the wait is over! The adventures of Amira, Dardan, Liam, and Katin continue as things start to get rough. Thanks again to the fabulous Melissa Erickson for the excellent cover art. Here's the Amazon blurb:
The story of MINDFIRE continues in Book 2: THE SILVER WAR.

In the distant realm of Garova, mages have arisen—young people who can control and harness energy with their minds. The first of them, Countess Amira Tarian, has thwarted an attack by King Edon, himself a mage, who nevertheless remains intent on subjugating her. Along with her husband, Count Dardan, she seeks the assistance of Duke Arturin Surroi, a crafty and powerful nobleman who may hold the key to defeating the mad king and restoring order to the realm.

But her plans will not be carried out so easily. A rogue faction of Wardens, holy warriors who have sworn to protect the realm and the faith, has begun hunting mages. Edon's sister, Princess Taya, undertakes her own schemes to control the throne... And even Duke Surroi himself may have other aims in mind.

As the mages' power grows and armies marshal their forces, Amira begins a search for ancient secrets that may save them all—or may bring destruction to the whole realm...

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