30 October, 2011

The Slog

Rewriting is a slog. Somehow I feel like I have less free time than I did when I was writing the first draft. Probably just a figment of my imagination, but maybe the kids really are sucking up more of my time than they used to.

Actually, part of it is sleep. When I was writing the FD, I'd stay up till 1 or 2 many nights, just writing for a few hours all by myself (kids, wife in bed). Lately, I'm having trouble staying up that late. I get really sleepy by midnight and just have to hit the hay.

I've revised 12 of 34 chapters so far, in the two weeks or so since I finished the first draft. The book is about 2,000 words shorter. So another month, probably, to finish this revision pass. Then I'll read through the entire thing, stem to stern, and make notes along the way about what needs to change, and do another pass. With luck, I should be ready to move into the publishing phase by the end of the year. (Gotta get a cover painted; I recently met an artist who lives nearby and his style looks perfect for what I envision.)

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