05 October, 2011

Na NO WriMo

I did NaNoWriMo a couple of years. One year I wrote maybe 15,000 words, the next year I managed to get to 40k or so. It's a fun experiment, assuming your goal is not to actually produce a publishable novel. If you enjoy writing as a hobby, then I highly recommend it.

I doubt I'll do NNWM again. Since I'm intending to make this my career, NNWM itself would be a distracting sideline. Every month should (will!) be novel-writing month for me. I'm already writing an average of about 80,000 words a month now anyway (including square-one rewrites, but not editing).

You want to succeed? You want to publish? They say you have to put your ass in the chair and write, and that's true; but there's something deeper than that. Never give up. Tell yourself you will succeed. When the self-doubt comes calling, squash that little bastard. The other day, I thought, But what if I don't succeed?

No, I told myself. You will succeed. And so I will.

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